For Friends of Escondido Golf & Lake Club

A special invitation from the heart of the Texas Hill Country and the shores of Lake LBJ.

The membership at Escondido is pleased and excited to announce that our Club and luxury home community, is now Member owned. Over the past nine years, we’ve grown to become the state’s premier lakeside golf preserve and we are committed to enhancing the Escondido experience even more. Equity memberships tied to property ownership are available.

Additionally, we are now offering a limited number of Non-equity, callable, memberships in a private sale through existing Members. These memberships do not require property ownership, yet offer many of the amenities and services for which Escondido is known. The monthly Club dues is offered at a special rate for the first three years of Club membership.

  • Non-Equity Golf Membership
    • Member will have the use of all facilities of the Club and the golf course. A non-equity Golf Member is eligible to participate in all tournaments and Club events. There are no geographic limitations on where a non-equity Golf Member lives, except non-equity Golf Member cannot be a resident of Escondido.

  • Non-Equity Social Membership
    • Member will have use of all facilities of the Club, except for the golf course and golf practice facilities. A non-equity Social Member cannot play golf, except as a guest of a Golf Member, and will be limited to playing up to 4 times a year, except for Member-guest events which will not count against the 4 times. A non-equity Social Member will not be able to play in any tournaments or golf events, except for guest events.

  • Non-Equity Junior Golf Membership
    • Member will have the use of all of the facilities of the Club and the golf course. A non-equity Junior Member will be under the age of 38, and if he/she is married, the age of the older of the spouses shall be considered the age of the Junior Member. Once a Junior Member attains the age of 38 years, such Junior Member shall be required to convert to another class of membership. A person upon attaining 36 years of age shall not be eligible to make application for a non-equity Junior Membership.

      If a Junior Member resigns, he/she will forfeit the initiation fee paid and any finance fees paid. If a Junior Member becomes a non-equity Golf Member, then he/she will pay the second installment on their 38th birthday locking them into the non-equity golf initiation fee effective on their join date. If a non-equity Junior Member were to downgrade his/her membership to a non-equity Social membership, there will be no refund of any portion of the initiation fee and if called, the reimbursement will be based on the initiation fee for a non-equity Social Member at the time of conversion.

  • Non-Equity Corporate Membership
    • Golf membership(s) for a Corporation, that would like to offer access to one of the most prestigious Clubs in Texas for up to 4 of its associates. The Corporation must have at least 25 employees and cannot have a facility within 30 miles of Escondido. There may be up to 4 designees for the Corporate membership and each designee cannot be changed more than once in a twelve-month period. There will be a $1,500 transfer fee plus tax each time a new designee is assigned. Each of the designees will have use of all of the facilities of the Club and the golf course. Each designee may participate in all tournaments and Club events. The initiation fee, dues and any assessments will be paid by the Corporation. Designees will be billed separately for other expenses.

  • Non-Equity National Membership
    • Golf membership for Members who want to belong to one of the most prestigious Golf Clubs in Texas, but who will not be a regular user of the Club. The Member will have the use of all of the facilities of the Club and the golf course. A non-equity National Member is eligible to participate in all tournaments and Club events. A non-equity National Member must have his/her permanent home outside of the State of Texas and cannot own a second home within 250 miles of Escondido. A Member is limited to 45 rounds of golf per membership, per year for the Member and his/her family. There is no limit on the number of guest rounds, although an individual cannot be a guest more than 4 times a year.

  • Rights and Privileges of Non-Equity Memberships
    • Each of the non-equity memberships will have the same rights and privileges as a corresponding equity membership as are defined in the Bylaws for the Club, except as outlined below. The items below are brief summaries and a candidate for membership should read the Club Bylaws governing the rules of the non-equity membership sought.

      Membership must be approved by Escondido’s Membership Committee and Board of Directors. Non-­‐Equity memberships are non-voting, non- transferable and extend only to a Member’s immediate family (spouse and children under age 24). The Club may recall these memberships after three years, but if recalled, a full refund of the initiation fee will be provided. More details are available from the Club and Karen Moore. This offer expires January 31, 2016. Escondido Club, Inc., is a Texas non-profit corporation.

      • Callable – Non-equity memberships can be called, at the sole discretion of the Club, at any time after 36 months from the join date. When a membership is called, 100% of the initiation fee paid will be reimbursed.

      • Process for Calling Memberships – The Member in each category of non-equity memberships with the greatest longevity will have seniority when memberships are called. The Club will notify all Members in each category of the number of memberships that will be called 60 days in advance of the Call Date. The non-equity Members in the called category who are interested in having their membership called, will notify the General Manager in writing of their interest to leave the Club. If there are more Members interested than the number to be called, then memberships will be called on a First-in-First-out basis. If there are fewer Members interested than the number to be called, then memberships will be called on a Last-in-First-out basis after accommodating the more senior Members desiring to have their Membership resigned.

      • No Extended Privileges – Non-equity memberships do not have extended privileges for the extended family. Guest fees will apply as stated in the Bylaws.

      • Non-Voting -- Non-equity memberships will not be able to vote in any Club elections.

      • Non-Transferable – Non-equity memberships cannot be sold or transferred to another party.

      • Non-Equity – if a non-equity Member chooses to leave the Club and/or such Member is more than 60 days delinquent on fees and charges owed to the Club, then the initiation fee and any other monies paid in the form of assessments, finance fees, etc. will be forfeited.

      • Assessments – Non-equity memberships will be subject to assessments, when and if declared by the Board of Directors. The amount of any assessment will be determined by the Board of Directors based on the relative dues being paid by each class of membership and the use of funds for the assessment.

      • Dues Levels – The initial dues levels for each non-equity membership class will be established by the Board of Directors, from time to time. The dues level for any non-equity Member will not be increased by more than 4% per annum for the first 36 months after the join date.

      • Membership Applications – Each non-equity membership application must have the support of two equity Members, will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, and approved by the Board of Directors.

      • Conversion to Equity Memberships - If a non-equity Member selects to 1) purchase real estate in Escondido and become a Member or 2) purchase a Non-Resident, equity membership, and then he/she will receive a 100% reimbursement of the initiation fee paid, upon payment of the initial contribution required for the equity membership being purchased.

For more information and full membership details, contact Director of Membership Operations, Karen Moore at 830-­598-­7800, (cell) 830-­220-­8555 or fill out the form below.

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